Thursday, June 11, 2015

My poem: In Search of the Goddess

My mystical poem

Ooh Goddess, my longing for you
Is like a wide ocean without a seashore
Waving and rippling continually in search of you
But never reaching any seashore to rest idle 

I fire upward a magical arrow
On its point I embed a love letter for you
It flies away to the empty space in search of you
Never falls back to the Earth below

I am swimming in the water of the empty space above
Dipping deeply into the water of the cosmic voids
From Earth through the edges of the universe
Only to look for you, you, you, ooh my Goddess

Ooh Goddess, if you dwell in heaven
I can reach you immediately 
But you dwell instead higher than heaven
Making me unable to arrive at you closely

Ooh Goddess, if you dwell in hell
I can reach you very swiftly
But you inhabit the region much deeper than hell
Making me unable to meet and kiss you tenderly

Ooh Goddess, if your abode is in the Sun
I surely have visited you there to dance together
But you dwell in the place of no return:
The densest Black Hole in the entire universe ever

Ooh Goddess, it is due to my deep longing for you only
I will bravely enter the Black Hole in haste
Far more powerful is the attraction power of your beauty
Than the sucking power of such a Black Hole

Ooh Goddess, when I am asking you any questions 
Don’t give me any answers to satisfy me
Give me instead more questions about Thee 
You are really more the questions than the answers 

Ooh Goddess, you are like a great conundrum
But nobody can solve it forever
Making me always think deeply about you ad infinitum
No rest and sleep can make me better

When I am praying to you at any silent night
Don’t answer any of my prayers forever and ever
Ooh Goddess, you need only to continue to sleep soundly  
So that I can sleep together with you for eternity

There is nothing better than sleeping with you forever
Sleep now with me, sleep now with me, ooh my dear
Morning will not be broken forever  
Day will not come either

Sleep, sleep, sleep in togetherness
In utter darkness . . .
In utter loneliness . . .
In utter togetherness . . .

Jakarta, 11 June 2015
Ioanes rakhmat