Sunday, March 3, 2013

Love, happiness and truthfulness

Some people say that i don’t have love because i have repeatedly criticized the former pope Benedict XVI in relation to the sex scandals involving children in the Roman Catholic Church which he didn’t wish to deal with legally. They advised me, instead of delivering my criticism, i should have maintained peace with the Roman Catholic Church and made every people in the world happy. In response to those people, here i share with you all my concise contemplation on love, happiness and truthfulness. Enjoy it and be enlightened. 


Do you wish to make every people in the world always happy? That is impossible. When you say something truthfully to people, some of them could be unhappy, and some could be happy. Very often, to be happy, you should face something that makes you first unhappy. 

If you decide to be a hypocrite in order to make you accepted by everyone, some people could be irritated by your hypocrisy. If you think you are accepted fully by every people in the world, you actually live in a make-believe world.


If you want a great example as an illustration, i could give you one. If you are convinced that your Jesus is the prophet of great love and compassion, this Jesus was rejected by almost all of his Jewish people. If Jesus thought that he must have been accepted by all of his Jewish people, Jesus was fatally mistaken. In reality, Jesus made deep divisions among his Jewish people, even though he claimed that his mission was a mission of love and compassion.

If you claim you have love, that is fine, but let your love stimulate you to be honest to the truth and hinder you from being a hypocrite. Perhaps, that is what Jesus had actually done at all cost. Certainly, love heals, but to heal people by your love, they should first be exposed to their own shortcoming and guilt. Without self-realization, there will be no healing, nor healthy life.


Love, happiness and truthfulness must go hand in hand, should not contradict each other. Happy are those who have love and truthfulness in their mind and heart and action.