Saturday, October 30, 2021

My poem: It's Utterly Useless, Jesus.

Jesus, You are the abiding Light for me. 
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It's utterly useless
Oh my Lord, Jesus

To tell those deaf beings
That I am Yours

They are extremely deluded
Thinking that I shall leave You behind
If those beings can block my road
Which leads me to You now and ahead

Up to the present-time
And until I'll later enter Your Silent Home
The most precious I have
Is You, Jesus, the goal of my life

It's neither abundant riches
Nor a car so luxurious
Nor a reputation offered to be prestigious
Nor wishful and misguided dreams

It's only You, Jesus
That makes my life meaningful
It's only You, Jesus
That makes my walks purposeful

Void of self-respect and self-awareness
Those deluded and wicked beings
Have been pursuing me for many years
Jesus, You're my only refuge and fortress

Jesus, I am grateful for the hard life
I have so far to bear alone
Oh I'm not alone, but encircled by Thee
Together with all heavenly people

Guard and shield me, Jesus
Protect and save me, my heavenly hosts
To You, I surrender my life, Jesus
To You, my Father, I submit my destinies

The glorious Sun always shines over me
No power of darkness can blacken me
Jesus, You are the abiding Light for me
Hold my hands, leading me to the Infinite

In silence, I am crying to You, alone
In stillness, I am praising Thy Holy Name
The Holy Father, envelope me
Strengthen me all the time

ioanes rakhmat
30 October 2021