Monday, February 23, 2015

Atheism is an ideology that has its god too!
And where do I stand?

The face of the Jewish God according to Michelangelo

Almost all of atheists in the world proclaim loudly that atheism is neither an ideology nor a belief or a faith. Really? 

If according to you all my atheist friends, atheism is not an ideology, then I can conclude that you do not understand what ideology is. Literally, “ideology” is the “logic” of any “idea” one maintains. If atheism is not an ideology, it means all of you atheists do not have any idea about it, and don’t have any logic whatsoever why your idea is such and such. So, let me ask you atheists, are you sure that atheism is not an ideology, not an idea that has its logic to make it meaningful to those who adhere to? I hope you live not in denial again and again.