Saturday, October 4, 2014


My mystical poem


God is silence
Feel God in silence

Enter silence
Free the mind from noise
Unite with silence

Kiss silence

Speak in silence
Make silence your only voice
Conquer noise with silence
Make silence win over noise

When silence wins
The sky tenderly speaks

No thunder rumbles 
No lightning strikes  

When silence wins
Words stop becoming swords 
Swords change to plows
Guns change to reaping knives   

When silence wins
The Earth yields crops

The mountains sing songs 
The oceans change to beds

When silence wins
The world smiles
Your baby laughs
Hunger no more exists 

When silence wins
The deaf can hear sounds
The dumb can speak in beautiful words
The disable can dance many times

When silence wins
Religions become harmless
Terrorism ends
War no more happens 

When silence wins
God becomes emptiness
Humans become gods and goddesses 
Love forever prevails 

by ioanes rakhmat  
Jakarta, 4 Oktober 2014