Monday, August 17, 2015

Ten meanings of the word “liberal” in theology

once born free, forever free!

In theology, “liberal” means renewal, discarding irrelevant doctrines, and formulating new ones, in the spirit of freedom and openness.

Another meaning of “liberal” in theology is accepting sciences to contribute to constructing new theologies in response to new challenges, new contexts, and new developments.

The third meaning of “liberal” in theology is set free theology from clerical domination, so ordinary people can participate in doing theology, resulting in democratization in religious life.

The fourth meaning of “liberal” in theology is employ sciences in interpreting holy texts resulting in critical approaches named criticism, historical criticism, for instance.

The fifth meaning of “liberal” in theology is using human rationality freely in search of religious truths whatever are the outcomes it generates.

The sixth meaning of “liberal” in theology is let curiosity alive and free in peoples cognition so that they can grow intelligently and freely into infinity and eternity.

The seventh meaning of “liberal” in theology is view religiosity as a dynamic state of mind never reaching its end, becoming an endless pilgrimage.

The eighth meaning of “liberal” in theology is an openness to endless progress of human capacity and human civilization, as ways to finding the elusive God.

The ninth meaning of “liberal” in theology is refuse anything ideological to imprison the human mind, conscience, and responsible freedom.

The tenth meaning of “liberal” in theology is live cheerfully, kindly, compassionately, responsibly, courageously, confidently, determinedly, greatly as human beings born free. This I call theology-in-action carried out by free human beings.

Those are the 10 meanings of the word “liberal” in theology. To conclude, the word “liberal” in theology is very great, precious and noble. It is weird if you don’t like to be liberal in your religious life. 

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Jakarta, 17-8-2015
the independence day of Indonesia
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Happy the independence day of Indonesia, a country still sadly subjugated by stupidity, ignorance, corruption, delusion and ideological bigotry. Save our children.