Thursday, December 31, 2020

My poem: The Kingdom of Non-Duality


Humans are scared
of becoming old
Being old is perceived
As a condition to be cursed

None loves oldness
It's against youthfulness
It is hated by resplendent ladies
It's an enemy of gorgeous goddesses

It is weird, isn't it?
In fact, all know it
That oldness is universal
A phenomenon common to all

Human and divine beings
Compete to reach everlastingness
To achieve eternal youthfulness
To overcome lifelessness

Science has not defeated oldness yet
The arrow of time still moves forward fast
Still unlikely to travel back to the past
Over time everything will be extinct

Hi Oldness, why are you so dreadful?
Could you be so beautiful?
Could you be so meaningful?
Give them your answers in full

Yeah, me, Oldness, is always thought
As the entrance to sorrowful plight
The gate to the kingdom of dust
Ending up somewhere in naught

Is emptiness so fearful?
Is impermanence so ghastly?
Is silence so frightful?
Is absence so ghostly?

Well, I'm telling you my beloved
You'll never never be old
Insofar as you know the road
The road weirdly traveled

Feel deeply the silence of a voice
Touch softly the absence of a presence
Embrace the presence of an absence
Kiss warmly the eternal impermanence

All of them are your lovers
So... make love with your lovers

Follow the quiet rhythm of solemn anthem
Scream, scream, silently scream

Let's dance, dance, and dance
In harmony with the sound of utter silence

Your lovers give you abiding freshness
They bestow you long-lasting wellness
They grant you limitless fullness
They confer you amazing thoughtfulness

To think about death and life
We need to be critically creative
Critical ceativity is liberative
Think from a non-duality perspective

When you still live, think you die
When you die, think you still live
Old and young are then simultaneous
Death and life are then contemporaneous

While you're still alive
Do anything noble
When you have to die
Die for anything honorable

Nothing is something
Something is nothing
Silence is voice
Voice is silence

The Lord becomes human
Humanity is the Lord's mansion
Presence is absence 
Absence is presence

A man is a woman
A woman is a man
Pretty is a man
Handsome is a woman 

A grandma is a little Rachel
A little Rachel is a grandma
A little Paul is a grandpa
A grandpa is a little Paul

Do appreciatively to Shindu
The things you want Shindu
To do respectfully to you
Oneness exists between Shindu and you

As you live in the physical world of duality
The root cause of human conflict and frailty
Cross, cross the border bravely
To enter the kingdom of non-duality

Crossing over is unavoidable
You are the chosen one
Many many more will come
To the fore

Rivers flow forever
Fishes swim for ever and ever
Rivers and fishes are one
No dichotomy is in existence

Dive, dive into the river!
The blue ocean is awaiting you, hi comer!

In this kingdom of thing-as-nothing
You don't have anything
Even though you have everything
You will then joyfully be singing

An infinite song of an endless longing
A very long longing for thing-as-nothing!
Me, Oldness, is admirably nothing-as-thing
Don't you worry about nothing-as-thing?

Empty yourself, then wholeness is yours
Discard the content, fullness then comes

During youth, your body worked so hard
In old age, you have a peace of mind
As a young man, you studied physics
As an elderly person, you now write poems

Body and mind are one
Scientists and poets are one
Young and old are one
All are enveloped by the same
The Non-Dual Supreme

Fly, fly, fly up to the limitless sky
While you're sleeping on your bed soundly
The one on a bed and the one in the sky
Are one and the same entity

Blessed are those
Who are chosen to be
The children of that kingdom
Which knows no dualism

They're nowhere
Yet they're everywhere
They're finite
Yet they're infinite

Dec 31, 2020
ioanes rakhmat

"Happy Old New Year!"
"So Starym Novym Godom!"