Friday, April 26, 2013

SHE ...

My mystical poem


She is near
But very far
She is far
But very near

I can see Her clearly
But I am blind

I am alone
Even though I am with Her

I touch and feel Her nude body with my real hands
But Her warm body is formless and untouchable
I stroke affectionately Her beautiful and crowning hairs
But Her hairs immediately change into ocean waves

I gaze at Her eyes
But She doesn’t have eyes
I kiss Her mouth
But She doesn’t have a mouth

I hug Her
But She is the air
And disappears
To nowhere

She is within me
But I am empty
I am empty
But She overwhelms me

She makes me live in fullness
But emptiness surrounds me

She is Nothing
But She is the All

I am near Her
But She is very far

Who is She?
Even Her name
I do not know
But I am very sure that I love Her
I love Her, love Her, love Her

She knows me
I know Her
But we don't know each other
She and I are mysteries

Only emptiness does know us
But none knows it
Because it is empty
Empty but full

She kisses me
I kiss Her
We are united beyond words
But our mouths are far apart
I am very sad
But I am happy too

You don't understand me
You don't understand Her either

That is good for you
That makes you grow in wisdom
When you always seek, seek and seek

She and I will be very happy
If you are wise for yourself
Until you know
That you yourself are empty too

In emptiness we are one
In fullness we are apart

Let us seek Her in togetherness!

And I am wholly united with Her forever
Deeper, deeper, and deeper
Beyond any words humans can find
Beyond, beyond, beyond

by ioanes rakhmat
Jakarta, 26 April 2013