Saturday, February 7, 2015

My conversations with atheists (part 1)

Looking for evidence every second and every inch! Ooh, such a poor life!

David McAfee: Here is my status: “If you choose to disregard evidence, you could end up believing any false answer that temporarily fulfils your desire to know the unknown.” 

Ioanes Rakhmat: Do you need empirical evidence from your spouse that proves him/her to be faithful forever to you? Do you need proof for the assumption most Americans accept that humans are created equal? Do you need evidence for your belief (or whatever you may call it) that tomorrow our Sun will still rise and then set again? Do you need evidence from your children that they love you very much, that they do their assignment everyday diligently? Are you convinced that your business will be successful if you dont believe (or dont trust) your business partners in certain areas of your business? Etc. etc. Life is not only about evidence, but about belief and trust too.