Saturday, December 25, 2021

The Face of God

The loving God dwells amid humans. In His majesty and humbleness. Image source: Wikimedia Commons.

The Face of God

Are you men searching for God?
Yes, we are looking for Him
Have you found God?
Where to find Him?

Some people say
God is above the sky
If so, the birds have met Him
The clouds have touched Him

God is in the sea, others say
If so, waters've enveloped God
Fishes are swimming with God
The waves're dancing cheerfully

Other people believe firmly
God does exist
He is invisible, yet
He is formless anyway

For unbelievers God is only an idea
A cognitive projection
Of the human idea
About things in sheer perfection

Let angels tell you humans
God is among you creatures
God is visible and touchable
God is not an imaginary figure

Then, where is God?
Look at the man Jesus
If you gaze at the face of Jesus
You will see the face of God

Jesus is the human face of God
Let's know the human God
In Jesus, humans meet God
And become one with God

If you and Jesus are one
You then belong to God
And the Kingdom of God
Becomes your own home

The bright angels accompany you
Wherever you go and go
Whatever you do and do
Darkness can't overshadow you

The glorious star of Bethlehem
Shines down on you too
Tell, tell very clearly to them
The babe Jesus is so human too

The loving God dwells amid humans
In His majesty and humbleness
My tears roll down my cheeks
In quietness I love you, Jesus

Jakarta, December 25, 2021

We wish you a blissful Christmas all the time.