Wednesday, June 1, 2022




There are so many things uncertain
In this temporary and frail world
Uncertainty will forever remain
In anything that exists around the world

Uncertainty usually makes us unhappy
For we want everything to be certain
Still, is there anything to be certain eternally?
Seek, seek the answer that may still remain!

In a quiet and serene dark night
That was brightened gloriously by the many stars above
The answer mysteriously came to me from the height
That Jesus, the Son of God, so much loved me

Yes, I am forever so sure
And nothing can make me waver
That Jesus, the Loving Lord, loves me
Past, present, in the future, and forever

Because of Jesus’ abiding and caring love
The divine love that truly comes
From the transcendent realm of life
I feel myself to have been empowered, always!

Yes, empowered deeply by the light-giving power of Jesus
I’m bravely facing the power of darkness
Darkness cannot overcome the light of Jesus
Evil darkness can’t destroy anyone whom Jesus loves

I therefore shall not die
Together with Jesus, my Beloved One
I shall live long here in this world
And shall live forever in the world beyond

Jesus, how amazing Your grace is!
How sweet it sounds
I love You, Jesus
I live for You, Jesus

The goal of my life is You, Jesus
This goal is worth achieving, Jesus

Jakarta, June 1, 2022

En tō endoksō onomati Iēsou
ioanes rakhmat