Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Poem: To Believe

Don’t believe in anything without evidence
That is always said by atheists all over the world
To me, to my friends, and to many other people
But I find it entirely absurd, absurd, and absurd!

When somebody has prepared food for the whole family
And then serves the food on our dining table at home
We eat up the food thankfully and happily
That the food contains no poison, we need no evidence

We simply believe that the food is clean and healthy
We simply believe none in our family will try to poison us
We simply believe we in the family love one another earnestly
We simply believe none in the family will betray and harm us

Believing is our normal mental act everyday
Without positive belief in our life day after day
Life will surely be felt too burdensome and too weary to live
With belief in our heart and mind, life turns enjoyable

As husbands we simply believe that our wives are devoted
They have given birth to our true sons and daughters
No DNA tests we need till we’re buried in our own graves
To prove they are truly our own blood and flesh indeed

At this moment we simply believe that our great Sun
Tomorrow morning will rise in the east and shine again dashingly
No need for NASA to fly us at the speed of light to the Sun
To catch and lead it to the east to make it surface again gloriously

That in the past the Sun emerged in the east regularly
Isn’t the evidence for now that tomorrow it’ll rise again normally
Something unknown could happen to the Sun unexpectedly
That can make it disappear altogether for all eternity

To believe is to live with hope
Great hope stimulates you to live greatly
Without hope, life is felt too threatening to live
So, believe cheerfully and greatly!

Scientists themselves live normally with belief and hope
They even believe and hope that their scientific hypotheses
Will be able to be verified step by step via scientific methods
Without this prior belief and hope, there’ll be no progress in science

I’ve even seen that in the libraries of many great scientists
Fiction books and novels stand in line in their book shelves
Fictions and metaphors are as important for them as scientific facts
Fictions train and stimulate the imagination to grow limitless

Einstein inspiringly says, “Logic will get you from A to B.
But imagination will take you everywhere!”
Imagination will take you from facts, realities and orb
To beliefs, hopes, and the realities beyond now and here

The physicist even states, “The true sign of intelligence
Is not knowledge, but imagination!”
If you wish to have more and more intelligence
You therefore should enter the world of imagination

So, believe Einstein, and reject the atheist notion too
That only facts and only evidence do matter in our real life!
Imagination, beliefs, hopes, fictions, and novels, matter too!
Without fictions, hopes, beliefs and imagination, so barren is our life!

Let’s go to the movies and buy the tickets for each of us!
Watch cheerfully and attentively fiction movies!
Watch joyfully imaginative and fantastic movie characters!
Watch the robotic cat Doraemon, the Minions, and the Ex Machina movies!

Believe me those fictional movies can make you feel happier
And your imagination trained to grow and expand greatly
Your belief and hope for the better world will grow stronger
Your love and interest in science will develop as well largely

If you believe that God exists and cares for you
There’s nothing wrong at all with this belief you hold
Because you believe that God exists and pays attention to you
You do hope that your God will do anything good for you and the world  

To believe is to live by hope, faith, expectation and vision
To believe is to see, view and wait for the endless future
To believe is to live holding and carrying out great vision
To believe is to live as human beings of the future

In your hope, faith and belief in your God
You’ll do for yourself anything great, dignified and noble
For your neighbors, for fellow creatures, and for the world
For your religion, your country and nation, and your people 

Richard Dawkins and his colleagues ruinously opine
That religions are viruses of the human mind. No way! 
Religions in your hands should be the great vision of the future
The better future for humankind and the world till eternity 

Know that the most dangerous thing in the world
Isnt the God Delusion that Dawkins unkindly attacks
But actually the Dawkins Delusion it is!
Beware of it, from beginning to end! 

As believers, you are the agents of social change
Change first yourself, then your society, your nation and the globe
Hand in hand with other people of good mind and good will
Make the world better, just and peaceful for all

To believe is to have the source of mental power and energy
That you need in your daily life stretching to the far future
To believe is to live cheerfully and courageously
To believe is to live as human beings of great future

God loves anybody who is courageous to believe in Him
Even though atheists say that God is not in existence
To believe in God is to have abiding hope for Him
Where there is hope, no despair will be in existence

Be valiant to believe!

Change yourself, life and the world into the better ones
Via your intelligent, noble and critical beliefs!
Show to non-believers that your religious beliefs
Will heal and empower yourself, the world and all creatures

So, don’t be afraid to believe!
Be valiant to believe!
Be intelligent to believe!
Be kind and noble to believe!

Jakarta, 28 September 2015
Ioanes Rakhmat