Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Poem: Sex Is Godly!

The Chinese Goddess Guanyin Pusa

My mystical poem

When you meet a lady
Don’t kiss her mouth, but her eyes
Because there is love on her eyes
Specifically designed for you only!

When you meet a beautiful lady
Don’t look at her big breast, but her forehead
Because what makes her alive and lovely
Is the brain hidden within her head

But, remember this: There are so many ladies
Who have very, very big synthetic boobs
Unfortunately they have very lazy brains
Therefore, very small are their brains 

When you are captured by the physical charm of a lady
Think first not about her outward physical attraction
But about what exists inside her abdomen actually
Then you won’t abuse her sexually by your action

When you are not conquered and intoxicated easily
By the outward physical beauty of a lady
You can enjoy all of the charms she has for you freely
And then you will appreciate nature thankfully

The beauty of the body and face of a lady
Is not to be covered wholly by many pieces of clothing
But to be enjoyed cheerfully and thankfully
As the priceless gift of nature worth enjoying

Enjoy thankfully and happily
The beauty of a lady’s face and body
As you can enjoy a beautiful painting perceptively
Of the most famous painter of the world today

A gorgeous painting and a stunning lady
Actually are not mutually exclusive
Both are the reflections of the grandeur and beauty
Of the ever expanding and infinite universe

All the mystics of the world past and present
Impressively imagine their God’s beauty
As the beauty of a lady’s body, face, mouth and heart
Which are to be enjoyed for all eternity

Even the intense sexual intercourse at night
Between a man and a lady in the chamber of the silent
Is wonderfully imagined by the mystics
As a deeply erotic unity between a believer and his Goddess

Various sexual symbolism and images 
Are necessary in expressing the intense relationship
Between God and humans as faithful lovers
Kiss your God very deep, deep, deep

God is therefore sexual essentially
And sex is therefore essentially godly
Know it: without sex, exists no force of life
Know it too: without sex, exist no Adam and Eve

You, men, therefore, should not blame sex
Only to defend your anti-sexual patriarchal religion
How can any religions survive and be alive without sex?
How can any worshipers exist if there is no sexual union?

You, men, therefore, should not use your anti-female religion
To silence the voice of enlightened, courageous and free women
Remember: when they are silenced violently by your action
The Goddesses will immediately wage war on you from Heaven!

Know it: without sex
There is no God of whatsoever form and essence
The powerful force of life is sex
It permeates and makes alive the entire universe

Sex is neither evil nor disastrous
But there are many evil religious men around the world
Who think the beauty of a lady’s body is dangerous
They then decide to regulate the women’s body and world

Instead of building on this planet a peaceful life
Via their so-called great and peaceful religion
Their women everywhere in the world are made live in scare
Losing their own lives, but not their own self-determination

Who will love the mothers, the girls and the women?
Who will defend and guard all of them?
All the powers of Heaven are united for them
The patriarchal religions are awaiting their time to die soon!

Hi girls, women and mothers around the world
Call the Heavens! Call the Heavens!
Call all the Goddesses!
Make yourselves energized!

Call the Goddess Zizilia!
Call the Goddess Abeona!
Call the Goddess Akna!
Call the Goddess Decima!
Call the Goddess Adeona!

Call, call, call the Heavens!
Call all of the Goddesses
The Protectors of women and girls!
The Liberators of all mothers!

Call the Goddess Eleos!
Call her, Goddess Fides!
Call the Goddess Artemis!
Call the Goddess Isis!

Call the Goddess Shashti!
Call the Goddess Shridevi!
Call the Goddess Nandi!
Call the Goddess Hettsui No Kami!
Call the Goddess Giriputri!

Call the Goddesses Al-Uzza, Al-Lat and Mena!
Call the Goddess Guanyin Pusa!
Call the Goddess Mariana!
Call the Goddess Kilya!

Call the Goddess Suijin!
Call the Goddess Jibo Kannon!
Call the Goddess Benzaiten!
Call, call, call them in Heaven!

Call the Goddess Sankari!
Call the Goddess Toci!
Call the Goddess Nirmali!
Call her, Goddess Nandi!

Call the Goddess Enekpe!
Call the Goddess Ursule!

Together with all of them, smile!
In their power, revive! Revive! Revive!
In their love, survive! Survive! Survive!
In their names, recover your powerful life!

Jakarta, 12 July 2015
Ioanes Rakhmat

P.S. Share this poem as widely as possible. Thank you.