Sunday, March 8, 2015

Compete with the wind

My mystical poem


Compete with the wind that blows
As fast as a bullet that plunges forward
Don't stop in the cold weather that freezes
Swipe with all your running breath forward

Change the deadly winter into the bright spring
Change the gloomy autumn into the shining summer
Make all the dead rise up everlasting
Make all the atoms of your body vibrate forever

Make love with all the princesses of the universe
So great giants born by all the virgins of the universe
Only then the universe cannot disperse randomly
And the new big bang will never be born for eternity

You humans are far, far greater than the universe
Conquer any Lords of the universe
You should be able to liberate it
From all the laws of nature that enslave it

When the universe has been set free
Emptiness and cosmic voids will prevail everywhere
Joy and sorrow will never exist anymore
Duality has been overcome!

Jakarta, 7-3-2015

by ioanes rakhmat