Monday, March 30, 2015

Meditation “Out-of-the-Box”

My mystical poem

Think not in your meditation
Just watch the movement of the thought
In silence, passivity, peace and compassion
Reach harmony between the body and the thought 

You however experience something in meditation
Ponder on the experiences in a creative way on and on
Resulting in new thought to be watched and thought about endlessly
Combine the old and the new thoughts tirelessly

Experience the following
Think about the following
Re-experience the following
Think again and again about the following

In deep, deep, deep meditation
You stays alone but not lonely
You alone meets the Other Entity
A human living for aeon

In deep, deep meditation
Loneliness gives you friendship
Solitude offers you membership
A lonely human becomes children

In deep meditation
It which is far becomes very near
Distance exists no longer
You which is one becomes a trillion

In deep, deep, deep meditation
Existence becomes nonexistence
To be becomes not to be
Perception becomes realization

In deep, deep meditation
Shallowness exists no longer
Explore how deep is the deep within
As deep as the deep and the deeper

Meet deep silence in meditation
In meditation silence clearly and freely speaks
Emptiness becomes empty fullness
The divine becomes the human  

All words become meaningless!
Silence wins! 

Jakarta, 26-3-2015
Ioanes rakhmat