Friday, October 17, 2014

My mystical poem: In This Night

My mystical poem

In this night of sacred emptiness   
Something is working in the neurons of my brain
Making me long for the strange longing
It's pity You even don't understand it yet   

In this night of deep quietness    
Something is moving in the depth of my heart  
Making me cry bitterly in strange silence
Unfortunately You even don't see my tears  

In this night of empty loneliness  
Something is speaking in the room of my soul 
The words of the Goddess are being revealed
Alas You even don't want to read it through  

In this night of holy silence   
Something is vibrating in the mind of mine
A peaceful song is flowing out of it silently 
This time You don't hear the song either

In this night of noble serenity  
Something is creeping out of my great spirit   
A beautiful poem is streaming silently from it  
Poor You even have no interest to enjoy the poem  

In this night of strange darkness 
Something is illuminating my consciousness
The noble Sun is rising from it to shine the world 
But You close your eyes tightly unwilling to look at

In this night of the remote starry sky above   
The Goddess is calling me to fly up to the stars
She has been keeping a secret for me for aeons 
You instantly hold my hands to swim up together  

We are One though we are Three   
We are Three though we are One  
Make it Secret Secret Secret  
Make it Open Open Open

by ioanes rakhmat  
Jakarta, 17 Oktober 2014