Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Musing about A Lady’s Charms

The beautiful eyes of a lady.... Are you, men, captured by those charming eyes?

When you meet a lady, don’t kiss her mouth, but her eyes, because there is love on her eyes specifically designed only for you!

When you meet a beautiful lady, don’t look at her big breast, but her forehead because what makes her alive and charming is the brain behind it.

When you are captured by a lady’s physical charm, think first not about her physical attraction, but about what exists inside her abdomen.

When you are not conquered and intoxicated by the physical beauty of a lady, you can freely enjoy all of the charms she has for you.

The beauty of a lady’s body and face is not to be covered by a piece of cloth, but to be enjoyed thankfully as the gift of nature for all.

Enjoy thankfully the beauty of a lady’s body and face as you can enjoy a beautiful painting of a famous painter of the world.

A gorgeous lady and a beautiful painting are not mutually exclusive.

Mystics past and present imagine the beauty of their God as the beauty of a lady’s body, face and mouth which are worth enjoying indeed.

Even the intense sexual intercourse between a man and a lady in the night is imagined by mystics as the unity between a believer and her God.

You cannot dismiss sexual imageries and symbolism when you wish to articulate your intense relationship with your God.

God is essentially sexual, and sex is essentially godly.

You, men, therefore, should not blame sex in defense of your anti-sexual patriarchal religion.

You, men, therefore, should not use your male God to silence the voice of enlightened and free women of the world.

Without sex, there is no god of whatsoever form and essence.

Sex is not evil; but the religious man who thinks the beauty of a lady’s body as evil and therefore tries to regulate it, is evil.

Keep calm, please!

by Ioanes Rakhmat
December 16, 2011