About Me

Let me introduce myself through the following three statements.

My first statement: modern science is the way of liberating human beings from the slavery of ancient religions. If you wish to find the objective and authentic truth, embrace science. What is truth? Truth is everything that corresponds to empirical evidence. I am an empiricist. I nevertheless am trying to help religious believers grow into maturity so that they can be religious in a smart and liberating way. In the world of today, there are more or less four billion adults embracing various religions. I don't discount them foolishly, as atheists in general stupidly do.

My second statement: all great thinkers are men of great virtue and compassion. The more you are committed to science, the more seriously you will live a life full of virtue and compassion. I am a moral man.

My third statement: science has values that are to be shared worldwide. The separation of science and values is illusory. Sciences surely make you intelligent and smart. Being intelligent and smart is a priceless value sciences give to you. I am a man of values. 

Even though I am a little thinker, I have the great liberty to think, to enlighten some people of open mind, even to enlighten grass and insects. I am convinced that through mind exercises, we shall become divine. On the other hand, ignorance and the fear of training our human mind will result in suffering, violence and cruel death in the world.

Even though I was raised in two religious traditions, Buddhism and Christianity, I incline to take the position of a rational non-dogmatic being. Of course I like art and music and great literature of the world. After understanding me rightly, hopefully you will see the world and yourself in a different way.

But... you must note, I AM NOT ATHEIST, not even a bit of it.

I am agnostic. Let me explain what AGNOSTIC means. Those three statements of mine characterize me as an agnostic. For me, atheism is a very, very, very narrow prison, so I cannot take the side of the New Atheism. I don't want to be imprisoned in the cage of atheism of any sort, either old atheism or new atheism. If you leave your religion and then embrace atheism, let alone the New Atheism, you will lose for all eternity your chance to get involved in dignified inter-religious dialogues which you used to carry out cheerfully, happily, peacefully, calmly, warmly and openly, together with your kind and open friends of various religious persuasions. Atheism is too narrow a cage for you to dwell in.

As an agnostic, I have no final and definitive answer about the existence of God or the non-existence of God. I, therefore, could still believe that God exists, even though my belief is always tentative, awaiting what science will find in studying infinite realms in the universe and in the multiverse that are always beyond our current horizons of scientific knowledge.   

As a freethinker (meaning, one who thinks freely, free from any ideological cages), I am forever free to think about anything, outside any ideological cages. Because science works and functions to set people free from stupidity and ignorance, as an agnostic I therefore embrace science and spread it.

To make science really liberating and enlightening, it requires ethics, morality. So, for me, morality is of paramount importance. No morality is free of certain sociocultural contexts; so I am trying to construct the morality that functions well, healthily and constructively in the context of my nation, land, and country.

There are so many aspects of modern Western morality which I consider to be terrifying. Walking or biking along the streets in a Western city with human bodies (male and female) being wholly naked, is for me, terrifying, and excessive. Or, celebrating the birthday of one friend in his/her house with all the bodies of the guests and the hosts (men and women) being naked entirely, walking back and forth freely, is, for me, too horrible. I think seriously... that my atheist friends are returning to the very ancient era of the caveman. Those Western ways of enjoying life are supported by certain ideologies and worldviews, that I deem to be irrelevant entirely for Indonesian people. Atheism is one of those ideologies.

If you wish to discuss ideas with me, or to say hello to me, feel free to send your mail to ioanes27@yahoo.com.

Best wishes, 

An ant